General Ledger Account Analysis Reports

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See the discussion of revenue accrual in BARS Manual 3.6.9, Revenue Accruals in Governmental Funds. Also include amounts collected that will not become revenues during the next fiscal year. For example, rental payment received for the last year of a lease running for several more years. These are amounts of expenses/expenditures that have been incurred by the end of the fiscal period but will become payable at a future date. Do not include accruals for claims and judgments, annuities, or construction contracts in this account. There are many examples of a general ledger as they record every financial transaction of a firm.

BookkeepingBookkeeping is the day-to-day documentation of a’s financial transactions. These transactions include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments. With legacy accounting systems, the chart of account segments are configured at the time of deployment and fixed for the duration of their lifespans. Depending on the business’s needs, it typically creates chart of account segments for account, cost center, or department—or possibly even a product or project. In the event of an audit, balances on financial statements should link back to all of the posted transactions that make up that balance.

Where do small businesses go wrong with general ledgers?

All costs incurred for local and long distance telephone services. All costs incurred for services rendered during short-term employment by individuals who cannot be classified as independent contractors. All costs incurred representing additional compensation for instruction during the summer quarter for faculty on 9 months service appointments or on term appointments. Additional compensation for administrative or research services rendered during the summer quarter will be processed as extra service pay in the appropriate area of service rendered-generally Academic Salaries. This is a University defined account used to classify in more detail than the University primary general ledger account the nature of costs incurred. You can transfer funds from one GL account to another using Miscellaneous GL. Use the ‘Miscellaneous GL Transfer’ screen to transfer funds. You can invoke this screen by typing ‘1005’ in the field at the top right corner of the Application tool bar and clicking on the adjoining arrow button.


Using numerous General Ledger Account results in inflexibility, undue complexity and inefficient financial administration. Code General Fund – should be used to account for and report all financial resources not accounted for and reported in another fund. Encumbrances – Commitments related to unperformed contracts for goods or services should be utilized to the extent necessary to assure effective budgetary control and to facilitate cash planning. Encumbrances outstanding at year end represent the estimated amount of expenditures ultimately to result if unperformed contracts in process are completed; they do not constitute expenditures or liabilities.

It’s how you get financial statements

All costs incurred for longevity pay of Clerical/Technical/Maintenance personnel paid on the monthly salary payroll. All costs incurred for longevity pay of professional and non-faculty academic personnel. All costs incurred for longevity pay of executive and administrative personnel.

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